one call closing

3 Myths About One Call Closing

Myth 1 – “One call closing is about pressuring a client to buy something they don’t need.”

This is honestly, what I thought one call closing was for years, and I avoided it like the plague. Every trainer I met who taught one call closing methods taught strategies like: 

Buy or Die – Keep pushing for the sale until they say YES or hang up.
The Sell Starts at No – Your real sales call doesn’t start until the person says NO!
They buy after five or more closing attempts – A myth made from a 1950’s advertising company.

Strategies like these made me hate selling with a passion, so I certainly wasn’t going to teach them to introvert clients who were struggling with sales.

The strategies are ridiculous and grossly outdated, They may work for some smaller sales, but for higher ticket clientele, hell no!

I found that building trust, helping the client become confident in their buying decision, and creating a high-value limited time offer was more effective, and I didn’t feel like I had to take a shower after doing it.

Myth 2 It takes years to learn how to one call close

I have taken people with zero sales experience who broke out in hives if you even mentioned the word selling and trained them in 1 hour how to close a high ticket client.

I don’t say this brag, but illustrate this is just not TRUE.

How am I able to do that?

Scripts and Call Guides!

Now listen, I am NOT a fan reading scripts during a sales conversation, but if someone will take my script, practice it until they have memorized and put in their tone and speaking style, I can teach just about anyone to close on the first call if they are coachable.

Myth 3 – “There is a magic closing phrase that will get people to buy at the end of a call.”

Don’t get me wrong, there are some closes out there that will help you close more sales, but they are only one piece of a much bigger puzzle.

“A strong close + bad sales process = Poor sales results.”

The one-call close begins with the application to book an appointment and ends with us saying the right things to get the client to step over the line and make that final decision.

Every step from start to finish plays a role in that process.

It’s not difficult as it may seem to close on the first call; you need a strategy.

I have outlined my blueprint for one call closing here. Put your email in the form below and get your free PDF.