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Your Next Sale! 

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About You + Me

What Makes Me Different

Bottom line is....    

You Hate Selling!

The thought of getting on another sale call only to have the person disappear from your life after telling you "Let me pray about it!" makes you physically sick!

My coaching services teach YOU how to close sales conversations using a PROVEN system of influence vs. an outdated sales tactics that don't work. 

My services work best with coaches and service-based business owners who:

  • HATE selling or are extremely uncomfortable with selling. (Likely introverted)
  • Are ok with selling, but has little to no sales experience. 
  • Consistently book at least two consult calls per month. 

What My Clients  Are Saying.....

I Launched a Six -Figure Coaching Business

When I decided to start coaching I wanted to do it right! Kelly mapped out sales optimized plan for my coaching business and I was  able to launch a Six-Figure coaching business and close consultant calls with ease. 

George Pitts 

 Kelly helped Me  Have My First 30k Month

I had a goal  to have a 20k month. Kelly helped me close my first 4k sales by phone he also helped me setup a sales system that 

resulted in my first 30k month! This month I am closing in on 80K!!!! 

Tela Holcomb

My Story

Father, husband, TEDx speaker, six-figure sales coach, high ticket sales agency owner, but this was not always my life.

In 2010, depressed and suicidal, I had just walked away from a six-figure event business that was tearing my marriage apart.

Drunk in the club until 5 am most days of the week and barely seeing my wife and daughter was not the vision I had for my family.

At this point in my life, my family was 100% dependent on my income. The only job I could find was a sales job selling blinds. I was in sales for many years before starting my business, but I hated how it made me feel like the scum of the earth.

Feeling hopeless, I called my brother to ask for his advice and share how messed up my life was.

He interrupted me and said. “Nobody owes you SHIT! If you want something, you have to get off the phone, go do what you have to do and get it ” and hung the phone.

It hurt like hell, but he lit a fire for me!

That day I took the sales job and decided to go all in on re-inventing how I sold. My goal was to become one of the best “ethical” salespeople on the planet.

That year I read every book on selling I could find, watched hundreds of sales videos. I even came in early to listen to top performers who sold through influence and relationships versus aggression and manipulation.

I started seeing results. The first year in the sales job I sold over a million dollars in product, made 70k and I loved what I was doing. To me, I was no longer selling; I was helping people bring their vision to life for their home.

With this new clarity and maybe the new $$$ money that was rolling in, my marriage was, and my vision for my family was coming to life.

The following year I approached my VP Sales about creating a training program to help others who were struggling in sales.

I shared with them a four-step sales strategy that helped me become a top seller.

80% of the people who went through my program doubled their conversion. 33% made the millionaires club by selling 1 million dollars of product in one YEAR!

Since 2016, I have used the exact same process and evolved it to help dozens of online coaches, and service-based businesses build six and seven figure incomes and close more sales.


Sales Professional & Leader 

10 Yrs.

Coaching Sales Professionals & Business Owners

50k Avg.

Top Client Currently Monthly Revenue Sales


Hating Traditional Selling but Loving Sales! 

Get my  [Sales Call Checklist] I use personally  to close $3,000+ clients  here: