one call close

Introducing the One Call Close Masterclass

We know all introverts are not created equal, but if you introvert like I do, then talking on the phone is up there at the top of your "Things I hate to-do list."


Once we decided to be coaches, we soon learned the value of talking on the phone and how it can help us close more sales with consult calls. 

Consistently closing clients leads us to making the kind of money we deserve! 

After 20 years of selling and teaching sales, I discovered an opportunity to increase my consult call sales that I have never shared before

Before this strategy, I was consistently closing between 45% to 50%. (Really good by most standards) 

 When looking at the people who didn’t buy, several of them would end the call with  “Let me think about it” or “Let me move some money around.” 

  Here’s the thing, I avoided teaching my clients how to secure a sale on the first call like the plague! 

Coming up in the sales since I was 18, most strategies on one call closing were about pressuring clients until they buy,  just to make you go away! 

This style of closing goes entirely against my system of closing sales. 

So I asked the question..... 

What if there was a way to close on the first call without being pushy, aggressive, or using some cheesy sales tactic that wouldn't  make my clients bust out in hives? 

I got to work, researching, reading, practicing, and testing!

 I remixed the new strategies with the strategies that I know work and BOOM!

The results were phenomenal!  

Within the first 60 days, my sales went from 45% to 75% . (The lowest I have been since this test is 60%) 

To ensure it wasn't a fluke I tested with a few clients  and they the similar results. One client had three calls and closed all three in one night!

Now I can't promise you these results, but what I can promise you is that I can show you how to close at least one more client per month on the very first call!  

So I decided to create a  masterclass where I am going to share with a small group of 10 coaches exactly what I created. Here's what the class will help you accomplish:

  • Hit your income goals faster by getting the payment on the first call 
  • Free up the time you normally spend chasing clients, so you can focus on building your business 
  • Develop your sales conversation to prompt your clients to sell themselves 
  • Close in a way promotes action, but doesn’t make your client hide their head in the ground 
  • Plan your income more accurately because your sales confidence is on 10!  

You will receive: 

  • 2 Hour Intensive Sales Masterclass  (Value $1000) 
  • Lifetime access to video training  (Value $497)
  •  3 Day e-mail Coaching and Support After Class ( Value $1495) 
  • Copy of One Call Sales Scripting  (Value $997) 

The program will eventually be a part of $1200 sales boot camp training, but this Masterclass will be $99 for a very limited time. 

Class will be held on 02/01/2020. I am only able to work with 10 coaches for this class.  

Click here to secure your spot, so we can get this money together in 2020!