closing sales

The 1 thing you need to know about closing more sales

My client said to me the other day:

Why do we have to play mind games with people to get them to buy?

I mean if I offer a great service at reasonable price, people should just buy what they need right?

I wish this were true, but it’s just not!

If people just bought when they needed something I would be out of a job.

I bet you can think of something right now that you really need to buy, but you haven’t. Why not?

We get busy, we have other priorities, and just not important right now.

The #1 thing you must know is that people don’t like to be sold, but they LOVE to buy! 

They just need a compelling reason to do so!

This is why marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry because they understand that people need a reason to prioritize that purchase.

That is why you need a sales strategy that is proven and uniquely designed for your style of selling as an introvert and your industry.

By using a proven sales strategy you save yourself the headache of wasting time on unproductive sales calls, waiting for a client who promised to signup that never does or sending countless email follow-ups with no response.

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